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Strange Magic

Join Red Earth on an atmospheric journey across a Berrington parkland transformed by live sound, folksong, fire, performance and pyrotechnics.

As the evening draws in, explore house, park and installations; discover musicians in woodland glades as workers build autumnal fires beneath the Great Trees.

The bell strikes seven. As dusk falls make your way to the lake to experience a haunting soundscape across reeds and water before returning through a parkland illuminated by fire for the final pyrotechnic mapping of Brown’s ingenious landscape.

STRANGE MAGIC is an elegy to Capability Brown’s 18th century design and pays tribute to the workforce who built it.
STRANGE MAGIC completes GENIUS LOCI, a year of installations and performative events celebrating Capability Brown at Berrington.

Food and drink will be available during the event.

Weather: Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. The event will take place in all but extreme weather. Ticket holders will be notified of any changes or cancellation.

Families welcome, but no dogs please.

Adult £7 Child £3.50 FAMILY £18.50

To book:
Call: 01568 615721